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Hi there, I am Kai 

Your local Tacoma/Seattle interior designer & realtor!

I love working with my amazing clients that value quality, creativity, sustainability, & want to bring their artistic vision to life!

After my time of taste testing career avenues, pursuing my business degree, & working in residential construction,

I took my experience & knowledge and decided to stop beating around the bush and go head first into what makes my soul sparkle - Interior Design!

On a personal level, I am fueled by people, creativity, faith, self growth, & a morning cup of cozy ;) In my free time I love being outdoors, going on long walks, eating and cooking amazing high quality foods, checking out my local small businesses, listening to podcasts and books, & spending time with my loved ones - especially my significant other Payton & our fur baby Luna.

Want to chat homes or design? I'm all yours!


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We are a boutique interior design service that works with residential projects ranging anywhere from

Custom Homes

New Construction Building


Interior Decorating



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